Pilates with Bands and Small Balls

Some people approach Pilates as a gentle exercise to help tone their body, whilst others are drawn to it as an excellent preventative technique that will strengthen the body against potential injury. As our bodies get older we feel stiffer, lose muscle tone and are more concerned about breaking bones etc so resistance work (using balls and bands) is the ideal way to help prevent this.

Pilates combines the focus on suppleness that is found in yoga with the emphasis on strength building found in the gym. The movements can be performed in your home or in a class.

Pilates Books

I have written two books to help people practice and learn the essential ‘Movements’ and ‘Exercises’ with the small ball. The books have photos and instructions and are A5 size spiral bound so easy to prop up whilst exercising rather than looking at a moving film.

To purchase these Books, Balls or Bands please email me at: julie@andersonpilates.co.uk